The Mythical User

Taking the mystery out of User-Centered Design


The Mythical User is a weblog written for everyone who deals with products – primarily software, but the principals we’ll discuss will apply to any kind of interface a human being deals with.

Posts will come in 4 categories:  Philosophy and Principles, Strategy and Techniques, Reviews, and Solutions.

Each post will follow a format:

  • The main post, of course
  • A User Centered Design Term, defined for you in plain english
  • An interesting link
  • A recommendation for music to design to
  • An interesting quote related to design

Comments, discussion and questions are always welcome at The Mythical User.

About the author:
Krys Taylor is the Principal Interaction Designer at Jigsaw, an exciting Silicon Valley startup. Over the last 13 years, she has worked with companies as large as they get, startups that barely have desks, and the design agencies that service both. She has backgrounds in user research, development and human-computer-interaction. She’s very passionate about the internet and its potential impact on our world and our communities.In her spare time, Krys is passionate about rock climbing, archery, ballroom dance, science fiction and most forms of art.


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